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We are proud to have you as our guest, and we are excited to offer you one of the ancient arts of India, exotic food cooked in the earthen oven. It is a large clay pot, preheated on charcoal about four hours to cook meat and fish, marinated in yoghurt, special herbs and spices. The Indian bread is slapped on the inside of the oven for baking.
Mogul Cooking: The curries embrace the whole range of dishes each distinctly different according to the type and quantity of fresh ground spices and herbs used in varying combination.
Vegetarian Cooking: It is a class by itself, it includes Onion Bhajis, Samosas and a variety of other dishes each beautiful in its own way.
Please enjoy some of the specially selected dishes from India's richly varied cuisine, opening a door to a whole new flavor, fragrance and taste. The 'Earthen Oven' has some simple treasures handed down from generation, prepared today as it was centuries ago, in the provincial district of Northern India.

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